The holidays have come and gone. The decorations are taken down, the ball has dropped and 2015 has faded into past. Few years in my life have been as difficult as 2015. I must admit I was not sorry to see 2015 go. I spent the last two months of the year by my mother’s bedside. She passed away on December 23rd. I do not have the words to express my profound sadness and great sense of loss. Mourning combined with recovering from the spinal surgery has left me weak as a kitten. I can barely lift a gallon of milk let alone my spirits.

The good news is I have been cleared to begin physical therapy and the process of rebuilding my health. I really underestimated at my age how fast arm and leg strength can just go away. I have responded to many people with the answer that I could not tell “if” or “when” I might return to my work from this forced sabbatical. I can at least declare now that I will return. I hoping to get back in April barring any other life surprises. I like surprises less than I used to and I am looking forward to an uneventful new year.