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Wood Type: Curly Maple | Dimensions: 21" x 5.25"
Price: $49.99
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You can enter your custom carving wishes in the "customer comments" field within the shopping cart checkout.
Made from carefully selected hard maple, hand planed and carefully shaped, these breadboards are a personal rendition of a simple slicing and serving board.

How To Order Your Customized Breadboard
You have 2 exciting options for personalizing your beautiful handmade breadboard.

  • Option 1: Choose the Wine Bottle Breadboard or Celtic Breadboard with the cafe graphic, as shown, and let me know what name you would like it personalized with in the checkout (in the customer comments field). You might choose a family name or something fun like "George's Private Reserve" to personalize your breadboard.
  • Option 2: Choose the Wine Bottle Breadboard or Celtic Breadboard with totally custom laser carving. In the customer comments field at checkout, let me know your wishes for text, graphics, or both and I will promptly email you back to discuss your laser carving wishes.

An additional charge may be required for especially complex work, but only with your approval. Customized items are not returnable.

About the Wine Bottle Breadboard
Have you ever noticed the wide variety of wine bottle shapes? This is not a haphazard process. The good people who create these wonderful spirits have strong feelings on which bottle is the best for each wine. A long tradition and much thought have gone into these vessels. This prompted me to think that the accessories to a beautiful wine and cheese table should reflect this same thoughtfulness. My handcrafted breadboards let you personalize the way you serve your guests. The Wine Bottle Breadboard is perfect for customizing with your personal favorite vintage name, with your company name, family name, or other meaningful text. Or, choose the totally custom carving option from the drop down box, above, and I can help you design your own "private label" to be custom laser carved on your lovely wine bottle breadboard.

Breadboard About the Celtic Breadboard
I have taken the traditional paddleboard and given it a slightly different shape. The flair of the handle is reminiscent of a Celtic cross, giving the breadboard a unique look with a fluid line. This breadboard, with its cafe graphic, can be personalized with your name, company name, or slogan. Or, choose the totally custom carving option from the drop down box, above, and use the customer comments field in the checkout to tell me about your custom design wishes. The Celtic Breadboard would look wonderful with a Gaelic inscription!

Fishers Laser Carvers is a family-friendly business and accepts only family-friendly laser carving projects.

Care and Cleaning of Your Breadboard
Cleaning your breadboard requires just rinsing off with water and towel drying. Do not place in water to soak. Do not put in the dishwasher. Keep it away from registers or heat vents. A light coat of mineral oil (never use cooking oils), applied once a year, should keep your breadboard in good shape for decades.

Breadboard The Story Behind My Handcrafted Breadboards
Several years ago, we had the opportunity to travel to California. The weather was not cooperating with our plans. We arrived in the middle of El Nino! This put a damper on our activities so we decided to take a tour of the wine country. After visiting 8 wineries, we were having a little trouble walking back to the bus and were starting to have multiple religious experiences. We also learned a lot about wine and the ancient craft of viticulture. We came away with a new understanding and love of wine. Some of my favorite recollections are of sitting on a real California-style deck on a summer evening enjoying the company of friends, some cheese and fruit and a nice wine. Like bread and cheese, wine is another one of those simple pleasures that make life rich.

Having wine with friends is a tradition with surprisingly ancient roots. Indeed, French caves that contain prehistoric cave paintings also contain primitive rock bowls stained with tannins from berries and grapes. This means that early man was making wine. Perhaps he discovered that after a long day of being chased by wild beasts, a little wine helped take the edge off. He certainly discovered that a warm fire, good company, good food and drink make life worth living.

Our breadboards carry on this convivial tradition in an intensely personal way. Made from thoughtfully selected hard maple, hand planed and carefully shaped, these simple breadboards are a memorable rendition of a slicing and serving board. Ideal for presenting your crustiest loaves, choicest fruits and best cheeses at your next gathering, Fishers Laser Carvers' breadboards will charm your guests and make a masterful gift for your favorite wine lover or discriminating baker!

George Beck
George Beck, Fishers Laser Carvers

Have questions about my Breadboards? Call me at (317) 845-0500!