It doesn’t appear as though I will be cutting dovetails anytime soon. Following X-Rays and an MRI, I have been diagnosed with severe cervical spine stenosis and a herniated cervical disc in my neck. This is causing numbness in my hands and pain in my left shoulder and arm. The prescribed treatment is spinal surgery. Basically, to the best of my understanding, they are going to rebuild a disc with bone implants and build up the space between two disc to alleviate pressure on my spinal cord which is causing the problems. Of course until this is accomplished I am at high risk of additional nerve damage and spinal cord damage. The risk of paralysis is present with this kind of surgery but it is far less than risk of paralysis due to a fall or sudden movement of my head that is currently my condition. I have pre op this week and surgery will be scheduled after consultation with my cardiologist (that is another story).

So I am waiting and waiting is the hardest part. I have plenty of powerful although somewhat debilitating drugs on hand and I am fine apart from being bored. I will keep everyone concerned with updates right here. I appreciate your understanding and your thoughts and prayers.