Arrow of Light Plaque

Arrow of Light Plaque with Special award engravings

Over the past several years I have made hundreds and hundreds of Arrow of Light plaques for Scout packs all over the country. After awhile, this can get boring. So with the help of some packs, we came up with the idea of adding special achievement awards on the plaques. Awards such as the Nova science award or the Super achiever award could with some graphics work be added to the plaque.(click on the picture above to see full size) This makes each plaque unique and highly personalized. This takes a bit of time but makes a neat effect. I also like the fact that after so many tears, the work is still new and still pursuing better all the time.

If you are interested in these, it is best to contact me via email. I get pretty swamped with orders and my bench fills up fast. I can only make so many in so much time. I will of course as per my promise, “Do my best”.