Welcome to the birth of Fishers Laser Carvers. My name is George Beck and this is my blog. It does not seem all that long ago that I did not know what a blog was, let alone write one. Yet, here I am. What in the world is Fishers Laser Carvers? I will attempt to explain in this introduction.

I am a woodworker. More precisely, I would consider myself a traditional woodworker or romantic woodworker, if you will. My work is predominately worked in the old tradition with hand tools. My favorite is hand planning with planes I make myself. The little nuances of these tools is a journey that began long ago. I have long loved hand saws and chisels and I desired the skills of those craftsman like James Krenov and Sam Maloof, who taught and inspired me. For more than 40 years I have pursued this ancient craft.

After a nearly 30 year successful career in the business world, I had the opportunity for early retirement. I had often dreamed of the day when I could devote myself to the craft I loved and wondered what I could accomplish if I devoted full time effort to it. Here was my opportunity and I seized it. Now, what to make?

A few years ago I became interested in checkering, such as one sees on gun stocks. I have been making hand planes for over 25 years but I had never seen one checkered with a grip like a rifle stock. I started working with files and checkering tools and this brought me into the technology of laser engraving, which is how many modern guns are carved. I had the notion that perhaps I could help fund my woodworking pursuits with some engraving work. So I bought a laser engraver and started to learn this new technology, thinking of perhaps making name tags or awards. I still wanted a checkered plane and the idea of using new technology to redefine old technology appealed to me. Imagine, old world craftsmanship combined with new age laser technology. Roy Underhill meets Darth Vader, a blend of old and new!

One problem one encounters when making things in wood is scrape pieces. Wood that is precious and beautiful but not quite big enough for that last drawer or the grain and color is not quite a match. I had stockpiled quite a bit of wood like this over years and had often pondered a use. I often use it to practice planning or sawing. When my laser was delivered, we used a piece of this wood for a test. We engraved a quote on nice little piece of hand planed cherry. The concept for Fishers Laser Carvers was born.

I hope in this endeavor to accomplish four things; 1) Combine old world craftsmanship with new age laser technology to produce beautiful and affordable gift items. 2) Utilize reclaimed and “saved” wood 3) Help fund my journey in craftsmanship 4) Use the power of wisdom words to create inspirational and intensely personal items.

I hope you find this a pleasing little corner of this vast internet. I will be writing here about hand tools and sharpening and the pursuit of working in wood and of course, laser engraving. Stop by often and see where this takes me. The coffee pot is always on.