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Wood Boxes
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Policies and Returns

Customized Plaques
Here is how this works:

1. Contact me with your idea or saying you would like.
2. I will design a plaque and send you a computer picture of what your plaque will look
like. Like this:

3. Once you like the design, I will ask you to sign the drawing and return it to me.
I will charge the purchase price and make your plaque.
4. There is no charge to change the quote or add a personal dedication to any of our
standard plaques. For instance, here is our William Blake Plaque with a substitute

5. New graphics that require design time will be charged $10 extra for the design.
6. You may also submit to me camera ready art for use on your plaque (such as a company
or school logo). This is no set up charge if the design is ready to go.
7. Elaborate designs or developed logos will be quoted and generally run $20 per hour.
8. All customized plaques are not returnable.
9. I reserve the right to refuse any plaque or quotation that is not in keeping with our
core beliefs (obscenity, malicious, etc.) My general rule is: “If I would not show it to
my mother, I won’t make it!”
10. We will quote everything ahead of time. We do not want you to be surprised.
11. All of my plaques are finished and intended for interior use only unless special
arrangements are made for a different wood or finish.

Due to the popularity and demand for my hand made plaques and boxes, I am no longer doing custom
woodworking projects like book shelves, mirrors and one-of-a-kind pieces (although all of my work
is unique and one-of-a-kind). The time involved in planning, drawing, developing techniques and
processes has proven to be inefficient in both time and cost. I have chosen to focus on the products
shown here. Of course personal quotes, logos and slight size alterations can still be made and
at very little, if any, added expense.

A Word About Timing
Generally speaking, plaques take approximately 2 weeks. This can vary depending upon work load and
where you fall in the process, and may take up to 4-6 weeks. I do prioritize by date needed ( anniversary, birthday etc.). This
is probably not the best way to do. I should just go by first come, first serve but it is how I do
it nonetheless. I am happy to say I have not missed a date yet. Boxes can take between 4-8 weeks
depending on work load and complexity of the box. Please indicate the date needed in the comments
section and I will do my best if given enough time.

There is great value in dealing directly with the artisan/craftsman. You participate in the design.
You receive personal selection and care. You do not pay any retail or distributor mark up. However
I am only one person and can only produce so much in a day. Hand crafted items take a bit

A Word About Wood
Although I use select wood in my projects, wood is a natural product and as such possesses
unique qualities. Knotholes, unusual figure, wormholes, or resin spots are not
imperfections. It may well move depending on climate and humidity. In addition, my work
is hand worked so you may find the occasion hand tool mark of a product that has been
worked with hand tools. These are part of the character of hand hewn natural wood items
and thus not flaws. Every piece of wood is different and unique and will not necessarily
match the picture on the web page. Yours will be yours.

I want you to be happy with your piece. In fact I want you to cherish it. I will not ship
any item that I do not find pleasing and does not represent the best I feel I can do.
However, if you have a concern, contact me
and we can discuss it and work something out. Customized items are not returnable.


  • Your order is carefully packaged, wrapped and shipped via UPS.
  • If you prefer different shipping please contact me.
  • For orders outside the United States, contact me
    and we will obtain a quote for you. However, taxes and additional customs charges may apply.

What Can I Make for You?
I invite you to phone me at (317) 845-0500 or to use the simple contact form below to
begin discussing your personal woodworking wishes. I will respond promptly and am very
interested in hearing about your dreams and plans.

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George Beck
George Beck, Fishers Laser Carvers

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