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Wooden Plaques, Wood Wall Art and Gifts
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Are you looking for an intensely personal gift or presentation piece? Choose an exquisite wood plaque or wall sign, laser engraved with a meaningful or famous quote. Or, let me craft a custom personalized plaque for you with a quote, saying or testimonial of your choice. View my gallery of personalized plaques I've crafted for many happy customers. In addition to adding beauty to any tasteful home, carved signs and plaques make handsome commemorative gifts in the business world. Laser engraving turns these functional and lovely pieces like my plaques and boxes and wood gifts into truly special offerings.

Wood is Precious
I use domestic hardwoods in my work, mostly Cherry, Maple and Walnut. Cherry is my favorite. I have just always found it pretty and believe you will, too, when you hang a fine piece of wood wall art in your home. While wood is a renewable resource, it takes decades for a hardwood tree to mature. The rings, grain and little imperfections in wood that give the birds eye, quilted or burl figure to a piece of wood are the result of all that has happened to an individual tree throughout its lifetime. They are like lines under our eyes or gray hair on our heads - marks of character. Like us, trees are the sum of all that has happened and defined a life. Life should not be wasted. This makes every small piece of wood used in my laser engraving and woodworking precious.

John Muir Quote Plaque
Read more about the John Muir Quote Plaque
Or, let me custom create a personalized plaque for you!

Saving Wood is Eco-Friendly
Whenever I undertake a fine furniture making project like a cabinet or bookcase, there is always wood left over. Maybe the leftover pieces didn't quite match in color or grain or just weren't quite long enough for that last drawer, but they are very beautiful. I may keep these pieces in my little wood shed for decades until I can find a good purpose for each one - a way to turn potential scrap into found treasures.

I discovered that saved wood is ideal for handcrafting personalized signs and inspirational wall art and I hope you will feel good about purchasing a wood gift from my workshop where I strive to be eco-friendly by refusing to waste wood. I do not work with imported hardwoods, and you can be confident that your made-in-the-USA wood gifts are crafted of real American wood.

Letting the Wood Speak
When I set about making an engraved wood gift for you, I don't just grab any piece of a particular size and engrave something upon it. I look at a piece of wood and its grain and say to myself, "This grain looks like waves. It is best for a nautical theme," or, "This grain with bird's eyes looks like stars. It is best for a theme or engraving that matches the texture of the material." Take a look at the plaque called "Jessica's Plaque". Note how the bird's eye figure looks like distant stars, or consider the John Muir Quote Plaque and notice how the deep forest theme fits the dark and aging maple. On the Edward Kennedy Quote Plaque with the eternal flame graphic, you may notice the grain has a subtle smoke shape to it. These nuances may not be something you notice right at first, but once you start to look thoughtfully at the beauty of wood, you may begin to discern patterns of your own. I believe that sensitivity to the wood is part of my craft. Every piece of every precious tree has a perfect use. It is my pleasure to find just the right wood to create a memorable piece that you will enjoy and admire for years to come. If you enjoy stories about interesting woods and woodworking, I hope you'll stop by my woodworking blog to keep in touch with what's going on in my workshop.

Edward Kennedy Quote Plaque
Read more about the Edward Kennedy Quote Plaque
Or, let me add a quote to a decorative wood gift for you!

Letting the Wood Show
The wood is the reason I hand plane my work with hand planes or scrapers. There are many ways to smooth a board, but I believe that cutting the wood fibers with a sharp tool yields the best looking surface and brings out the natural beauty of the wood for you to see. This is not the easy way to do this. Planes are difficult to make and sharpen. They require an investment of time and sweat. My aim is to achieve the best possible surface of wood with my own two hands. My wooden plaques are simple things, but each one has been shaped and polished and selected with care and consideration, and I hope you can see this in the finished pieces. It is my joy and passion to share my woodworking craft with you, and it is my great hope that you might find something here to cherish.

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